Integrative Pathways to Healing

Holistic Health Education, Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy

Reflections on the Practice, Philosophy and Science of Mind Body Medicine

Betsy shares her experiences as a yoga therapist, holistic nurse, and mindfulness teacher based in her work as a mind body specialist. She incorporates the science and knowledge of masters with whom she has trained, intertwined with her personal journey through life.

Energy of Winter, Love Winter rejuvenation time

My Pitta loves Winter!

By Betsy Murphy | February 9, 2023

You may wonder what is my Pitta? It’s my predominant dosha. What’s that?

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Circles of Healing

Circles of Healing

By Betsy Murphy | February 10, 2022

When people come together with a welcome and open-hearted sense of safety, healing happens.

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We can search the entire universe for someone. GREEN Heart

Love is All Around

By Betsy Murphy | January 11, 2022

“We can search the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of our love and affection than we are ourselves, and we won’t find that person anywhere.” Sharon Salzberg quoting Buddha

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Blessing even during a pandemic

Pandemic Blessings

By Betsy Murphy | August 1, 2021

To be grateful, not only for the struggle but to realize that this was also a time of growth and new learning, making new friends and reconnecting with old friends

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Meditation time, reflection and thinking and breathing

Meditation: What am I thinking?

By Betsy Murphy | July 10, 2021

One of the methods of developing mindfulness of thoughts and thinking is to note when thinking and thoughts take you away from your breath, or another attentional object of meditation

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I am a nicer person after Yoga

Does Yoga Make You Nicer?

By Betsy Murphy | June 15, 2021
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